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2023 Incoming Freshman

2023 Incoming Freshman

Incoming Freshman Lacrosse Players

8th Grade Student Athlete form for players who plan to play High School Lacrosse after their youth lacrosse season has ended.


Below are the rules within 2023 Arizona Lacrosse League (A.L.L.) bylaws.

High school programs shall have players who attend the 12th, 11th, 10th, and 9th grades. Following the conclusion of the JHS season, a player who attends the 8th grade, and who has completed junior high school season play with the below restrictions

1.) Only in specific cases where a high school program’s head coach deems it appropriate.

2.) Upon the written recommendation of his junior high school team head coach, accepted by the appropriate high school team head coach.

3.) Play for the particular high school program for which that player would be eligible if he were attending 9th grade at that time; provided that such player must first be re-registered to do so by the appropriate high school program’s head coach, Provided that doing so shall not establish or determine such player’s team eligibility at the time such player actually attends the 9th grade or above.

For purposes of this provision, the class grade, not the age of the player, is the relevant criteria for distinguishing between playing in a high school, junior high school, or U6 program. The restrictions of this provision apply to all games, scrimmages and practices.

2022 Turkey Bowl Lacrosse

Turkey Bowl 2022

Annual Higley Boys Lacrosse Turkey Bowl 2022. Higley Arizona boys lacrosse team play our traditional Turkey Bowl every fall ball lacrosse season during the week of the Thanksgiving holiday. East Valley Arizona High School Lacrosse

2022 Turkey Bowl – East Valley Arizona High School Lacrosse
Gilbert Day of Community Service

Lacrosse Community Service

Gilbert day of community service. Higley Boys Lacrosse Students will Tackle yard work and small household maintenance items needed by elderly residents in the Gilbert area. Lacrosse students volunteer to help change light bulbs, smoke detectors’ batteries, remove boxes/bags of garbage, yard cleaning, painting or moving furniture. East Valley Arizona Lacrosse

Gilbert Day of Community Service Info Link

arizona lax4life lacrosse tournament

LAX4LIFE Lacrosse Tournament

15th Annual 2022 LAX4LIFE Arizona Charity Lacrosse Tournament

Scheduled to be at Bell Bank Park in Mesa, AZ (Legacy Sports Complex)
2 days of lacrosse for 1 great cause! Dates: Dec 10-11, 2022. 5 lacrosse game competitive bracket at the Boys High School level lacrosse. Some lacrosse games may start on Friday Dec 9 and the Boys High School lacrosse bracket will conclude on Sunday Dec 11 with a Lacrosse Championship playoff format.

Over $60,000 has been raised at this lacrosse tournament and given to kids with cancer and hospitals that treat them. Hundreds of toys have been collected and donated.

Check presentation to Phoenix Children’s Hospital on Saturday at Noon

LAX4LIFE Lacrosse Tournament website link

pork butt fundraiser

Lacrosse Fundraiser

Our 2022 Fall Lacrosse Fundraiser will be to sell 10 Pork Butts per high school lacrosse player. We will have a money collection date and an order pickup date. Each 6 to 8lb Pork Butt will coast $50 with $20 going back to the lacrosse program for each sold. These Pork Butts are slow smoked for 14 hours and ready to eat when they are picked up. Each lacrosse player will be responsible to pick up their entire order and deliver. This fundraiser has had great success in the past with people asking about it every year. East Valley Arizona Lacrosse

Lacrosse fundraiser flyer PDF Download